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Villa in Sutomore


id: 1906

€250 000

  • Rooms 7
  • Bedrooms 5
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Area 300 m2
  • Floor 3
  • Distance from the sea 250 m
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Villa was built in a modern style. The project was developed by architects from Russia and Montenegro (Velimir Lekovich, Anton Shatalov).

Exterior and interior design create the only stylish solution, the advantages of which are:

  • conciseness of the architectural solution;
  • the use of modern technological materials;
  • maximum functionality, practicality

Due to the panoramic view to the west and the sea, the villa always has a natural world, maximum harmony in the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic Sea, Lake Skadar and the Rum Mountains in the house – provides good air, an ideal microclimate. Air conditioning is only required for two weeks in July.

The villa is built on monolithic brick technology with a facade of natural stone and a facade made in a modern Mediterranean style.

Panoramic glass terraces in aluminum housing with energy-saving reflective glass packages.

The facade of the facade is made of granular plaster and natural stone.

Filled with natural materials: bamboo board, travertine, metal, glass; because they form the basis of a Mediterranean monastery, which was primarily associated with the sea and the sun.

The furniture was made to order from a local craftsman.

Price 250 000 euro

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