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The plot of land above Saint Stephan


id: 2017

€400 000

  • Area 5328 m2
  • Distane from the sea 3000 m
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The land on which pomegranate trees grow is located near the monasteries of Rustovo (the first church in Montenegro dedicated to the memory of the Russian royal family of the Romanovs was consecrated) and Praskvitsa (headquarters of one of the most influential families of Montenegro Pashtrovichi). In this place is the legendary stone staircase to the mountains, made by a representative of the famous Russian count family of the Stroganovs. The site is located 3 km from the coast at an altitude of 400 m above sea level, it offers panoramic views of the coastal strip. All infrastructure is as accessible as possible: there is spring water, access to the site, electricity is supplied. Gorgeous views of the Budva Bay, the islands of St. Nicholas and Sveti Stefan. Near the site is an ancient Orthodox church and a convent. This is a quiet „green“ place with fertile land. The land is being sold with a project of a house, on the plot up to 5 villas can be located, there is the possibility of obtaining a building permit. The plot is nominally owned by a legal entity. persons, acquisition of legal persons together with the land, while the buyer is exempt from paying 3% tax on the purchase of real estate.

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Menadžer agencije za nekretnine Status-M

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