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The hotel is located in the resort village of Dobra Voda


id: 1774

€350 000

  • Area 376 m2
  • Numbers 9
  • Distance from the sea 200 m
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The hotel is located in the resort village of Dobra Voda, near the town of Bar. It is located at a distance of 200 m 
(below the main line) from a pebbly and sandy beach. (81 street). Total area (with terraces) 376 m2, plot 156 m2.
On the first floor there are two rooms for the owners, a kitchen and a bathroom. Higher there are 9 rooms. 
Three rooms on each floor. Each room has a bathroom with a shower. TV and fridge. Very large terraces. 
All terraces have a great view of the sea. Installed solar panels for heating water. 
There are 5 years on the tourist market, there is a website on and regular customers.
Water - 6 m3 tank, new septic tank, power, internet, satellite TV. There are Serbian and Russian channels. 
The facade was recently renovated. Fully updated. The building is registered in the certificate of ownership, 
but was built without permission, as there is an entry in the documents.
The cost of the hotel is 350 thousand euro.
The annual income from the work of the hotel is 12-15 thousand euros. for work from mid-June to September. 
costs about 2 thousand for tax, garbage, imported water and electricity. I do not consider the personal expenses of living.
The excellent grape goes. From which comes out about 40 liters of wine.

Price 350 000 euro

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Алевтина Архангельская - менеджер агентства недвижимости Status-M

Alevtina Argangeljskaja

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