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Plot of land in the Old Bar


id: 1088

€845 000

  • Area 33 000 m2
  • Distance from the sea 4 000 m
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Very large plot in the Old Bar with an area of 33 000 m2. Possible sale as a whole, as well as parts. Panoramic views at the sea and at the town. An ideal place for recovery. The mountain air is mixed with the sea air. According to the medical advice of such a combination of treats lung diseases and strengthens the immune system, so the land is suitable for the organization of hospitals and ethno-villages or a villa complex for the enjoyment of life and health. The price is 25 euro per 1 m2.

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Алевтина Архангельская - менеджер агентства недвижимости Status-M

Alevtina Argangeljskaja

Menadžer agencije za nekretnine Status-M

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