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Investment project in Kuljace – Soldiers


id: 2210

€750 000

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Urbanized plot of 2200 m2 is some 1800 m away from the beach. On the plot there are 4 roughly

done tourist villas with garages and swimming pools.

Each villa has about 400-500 m2 of land, garages of 50-70 m2,

swimming pools 10×4 m2 and living space 180-250 m2.

Villas are on 2 levels P + 1 And each villa is finished in rough work and is registered in the List Real estate.

For all there is a certified main project from the Ministry of Tourism, building permits and approvals as I paid utilities!

Villas are sold in a set all, two villas one above the other as well as individually.


Complete investment project: 1 450.000 euro

Two villas – one above the other: 750.000 euro

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Menadžer agencije za nekretnine Status-M

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