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For sale apartments under contruction in Becice


id: 2057

€from 92 880

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Apartments under contruction for sale in Becici, across the street from the Splendid Hotel.

We offer 35 apartments of 42.97 m2 to 265.76 m2 of structure from one bedroom to duplex penthouse apartments.

The apartments are for sale with kitchen units (fridge, stove with oven and built-in hood, dishwasher and oven, air conditioning with split system in all rooms.

In complex will be sauna, salt room, reception, room service, satellite tv system, fitness, poolside café/bistro, pool, outdoor parking, parking garage.

Launching price per square meter ranges from 2160e-2340e and valid until March 30, 2020.

After that prices are from 2400-2700 per square meter.

Purchase directly from building company, do not pay 3% sales tax.

The project will be completed in December 2020.

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