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Etno village „Pobori“


id: 2313

€800 000

  • Area 1000 m2
  • Garage available
  • Distance to the sea 8 000 m
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Etno village „Pobori“ is located in the village of Pobori, 12 km from Budva, and two kilometers from the main road and three kilometers from the Stanyevichi monastery. At the foot of Mount Lovcen, with panoramic views of the sea and Budva. 785 meters above sea level. Etno village consists of 8 houses of two and three local and 2 houses three-storey and one two-storey. On the territory of this village, there is a swimming pool, an area with a barbecue area and a fireplace, a kitchen, a restaurant. Total building area 1000 m2, land area 2500 m2.

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