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Apartments in Luštica Bay


id: 1862

€from 164 000

  • Area 62 m2 - 190 m2
  • Distance from the sea 30 m
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Luštica Bay has a wide range of real estate properties: from frontline apartments to charming high-rise town-houses and exclusive private villas. This is a unique complex for those who strive for life at its best.

Our state-of-the-art real estate properties are characterized by impeccable design, as well as top-class infrastructure. The thoughtful location of the objects in combination with the mountainous landscape ensures the presence of beautiful views of the bay and the sea from each residential building. All objects are surrounded by open spaces that could be preserved in its original form. Green paths and sidewalks cover the territory like lace, connecting residential neighborhoods with the main marina and public areas.

The construction uses local materials of warm shades, which allows to recreate the atmosphere of ancient fishing villages and organically merge with the environment. Terracotta roofs, stone walls, stairs and patios, spacious terraces and wooden shutters, deep-set windows and arched doorways – all this creates a single harmonious image.

Price from 164 000 euro to 1 010 425 euro.


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